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We are all still missing Kai-Bo very much.

We also found out that we lost our friend Chewie (Chewbacca Houdini) this past week.

Chewie was always very happy every time we had a chance to see him.
He visited us on Thanksgiving and couldn’t make up his mind and was totally in awe of
that big bird that was being carved and our huge bins of food right there in the kitchen.

But he got plenty of treats of all kinds.



We feel sorry for his people who don’t have him wagging his tail at the door
or to take on walks, and we are sure any other dogs who live in his house
miss him too. Thank you Chewie for being our friend! We will always remember you!

Kai-Bo went to the vet on 11/25/09

but he didn’t come home. I’m not sure I understand.

My people said he’s not coming home again.
I’m very sad. I really miss that guy!!
Here are some pictures of Kai-Bo.



Thank you all for your support for us in the 2010 Dog Jog!
We had a great time and raised lots of money for the UW Vet School
and for homeless animals.

Now it’s time to start getting ready for
Dog Jog 2011!
And ask friends of Mocha and Flash to
Support us in this year’s Dog Jog.

If you would like to sponsor us and make a donation
go to my Dog Jog Sponsorship Page.
Please consider giving generously! This helps the UW Vet School
and lots of animals in shelters.

Here is the photo album from the 2010 Dog Jog.

Some pictures from our last weekend of intense training before the 2009 Dog Jog are HERE.

And here are pictures from past Dog Jogs:



September 2008:  We did some excellent camping and hiking this year.  We didn’t see any in the wild this year, but did see some turkeys in Madison!  Plus me ‘n Flash and our people did another dog jog this year, raised plenty of money and had a great time.

September 2007 :  I did another dog jog!  We had a great time and raised lots of money for the UW Vet School.  Flash came with us this time.  It was his first dog jog.  I think he had fun but he didn’t really get it.  I “forgot” to tell you about Flash.  He is a new dog who came to live with us in May.  My people say he is going to stay with us.  Wow has he got a lot to learn!  (Though supposedly he knows a lot of commands.  I just don’t see it.)  Any way, you can take a look at a lot of pictures from the day here.

9 May 2007 : My “Friends of Mocha Page” has been updated with something called a “Labradoodle.” Take a look.

27 November 2006: After the excellent dog jog when I saw hundreds of dogs and their people, I decided I’d like to have my own page where my animal friends can put their pictures. So I started “Friends of Mocha Page.” If you click “Friends of Mocha” you will see all the animals who have their pictures there. Yes, I’ll put all kinds of animals there even if you’re not a dog, but it will have to be a really cool picture. So, all animals out there, ask your people to send me pictures of you and tell a little bit about you and I will make sure you get onto my “Friends of Mocha’s Page.” Send your pictures to

September 17 2006:  I took my people to the Dog Jog today!  This year’s theme was “Unleash the Furry” (go to and see a press conference on the tragic and all-too-prevalent problem of DOGGIE DOPING).  Dog Jog is an annual deal Sponsored by the UW School of Veterinary Medicine when dogs from all over Madison and anywhere else get their people together, get them to wear funny clothes, and then we all jog or walk (we walked) about two miles.  The whole thing is to raise money to help dogs and other animals (ugh!) who might not have all the things I do.  I guess some animals don’t have their own home or bed or food every day, can you believe it?!  Anyway, Elaine helped me raise more that $250 and we all got prizes and my people got t-shirts.  We are already in training to walk again next year and hope you will make a donation (watch here for further announcements about how you can contribute next year!)   Gordon took lots of pictures which includes the biggest and smallest dogs there and some dogs I have never seen anything like plus humans in nutty get-ups.  You can see the pictures by clicking my icon here:



New Stuff! December 7, 2003:
 About time my humans finally added some more pictures about wonderful me. I tell you, I am going to have to learn how to do this web stuff and do it myself! Anyway, if you want to see pictures of me at The Lake, chewing on stuff and rolling in mud and such, click this link:Show me the mud! If you want to see pictures of me at the Dog Park with my family, click Show me the Bark Park!

29 Sept 2002: Arf, Mocha Fans! I’ve kept my humans so busy this summer that the old one with the beard hasn’t even had time to put up any of my new web pages. But, he finally got around to it this weekend. There’s an album from A Party In May they took me to and also when a friend of the young good looking woman human gave me some GOURMET TREATS.

Then, there’s an album from When I Went to My First ClassThat album also has pictures from when my people made my Signature Brew this year, “Sweet Brown Dog Ale.” I’ve got my own label and all! Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

This stuff below is from before. I’m sure you’ve looked at those pages before!

Ok, family and friends. I know you’ve been demanding an index page so it’s easy for you to know which pages of mine you want to see (as if you shouldn’t look at them all!) and to get to your choices easily. So, by popular demand, here goes. Just click on the underlined page number, and it will be very easy for you to use this page as your main starting place to look at all my cool pictures.




Page 1: Mocha and her sisters at the Windy Knoll Kennels, March 10th 2002. Has a link to my dad’s page which shows his pedigree.

Page 2: More pix at the Windy Knoll Kennels.

Page 3: “I’ll take this human.”

Page 4: My first week in my new home. Includes “Lick this post.”

Page 5: March 22- 31: I pose for a solo portrait, eat, stuff my face in a shoe.

Page 6: March 22 – 31: I hang around with my human companions.

Page 7: More lounging, end of March. These humans finally fall asleep!

Page 8: A surprise. I’m not so sure I like this.

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