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February 12, 2018: I had to leave my family today. Life just became too hard and they knew it was my time. We had 16 years together and they gave me such a good life. We are all happy for that. Sorry I can’t be there today to get treats and hugs, there were so many! They told me they will love me forever, and I believe them.

Mocha Honbury Kahlua, Our Sweet Brown Dog, 1/5/2002 – 2/12/2018


January 5, 2017:  I was in Chicago for my 15th birthday this year, visiting family. Had a great day, finding all the best places to snooze, but staying in the action too! Here are a couple of pictures from the day.

With my people on my 15th birthday

With my people on my 15th birthday

Me and Flash

Me and Flash


January 5th, 2016: My birthday again?! One thing I’ve learned after all these years:

My family loves me and I love them!

4287 R


4251 R

The above pictures were taken by a great animal photographer, All Ears Pet Photography, who came and did a photoshoot with us when we were camping at Kettle Moraine last May.

5 Jan 2015: Tweet for Mocha: Happy Birthday to Me! Don’t ask, a Lady never tells. Got lots of loving here today! Any gifts to Dane Co. Humane Soc.

Original Tweet:


Of course I’ve got my own place!  Mostly dedicated to wonderful Me — Mocha. But every now and then I may mention that other dog who lives with me — Flash.  I’ll mention the cat we are all still missing — Kai-Bo — and talk about the new guy who came to live with us in December, and even showcase other animals on my own “Friends of Mocha” page.  I might even talk about the people who live with me. And lots of fun dog stuff.

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