Thinking Of Flash – Anniversary Of When He Came To Us

Twelve years ago today, Flash came to live with us. He was about ten months old. He had been in training with the Wisconsin Academy for Graduate Service Dogs (WAGS), but did not complete the program. He was a loving family dog, but it seems he hadn’t wanted to be a working dog. Still, in his later years, he watched over Mocha and, without our ever having encouraged it, would alert us when she was moving around or seemed to be in any distress. He would come to us instantly if any of us seemed to be in need, even just doing exercises on the floor. He would hide when our voices got too loud, and we would have to stop.

We miss Flash so much.

Here is a picture with his trainer when they came to check us out and see how the adoption might be, two weeks before we were allowed to take him in to our home. He is listening intently to his trainer even though there was so much to be distracted by. A big yard. A new dog. Two new people. And Mocha listening to the trainer also, as she always did, wanting to please and do the right thing. She soon became the lead dog though when Flash came home.

And this is from his first camping trip, still with a puppy face.

By his second camping trip, two months later, he was pretty comfortable with the whole idea. We hadn’t counted on needing three chairs.

Flash, I miss you so much. It has been so hard to be without you especially during these terrible times. You would have had your paws full comforting and taking care of us. And we could have taken care of you.


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