Customizable Header

Spent probably about an hour this morning trying to figure out the header on this and a few other themes.

I am trying to plan to fit another image into a header before I remake another site. It’s a wide image and so far I have not figured out how to narrow it to fit in the size many of these themes seem to come with. I tried to see if I could find out in advance what themes have customizable headers (somewhat do-able), or how to get into the code to change the size of the header (was able to figure that out for the ZenLite theme). However, when I was able to do that, the header still showed a narrower strip than the width of the image I am trying to insert. No solution yet.

Plus, every time I want to re-insert an image, it seems you have to upload it from the computer. I do not see a way to insert it directly from the media library. It’s clunky.

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