I’m about to watch the final episode of Breaking Bad. I’ve been able to avoid all the spoilers that must be out there and I do not know what happens. The timing of this post should be able to authenticate when I am making these predictions relative to when I purchase the final episode (Amazon). Here are my predictions.

Walter White will go out with a whimper, not a bang. Much to his surprise he will simply die from his cancer. This will leave the moral ambiguity of someone who became a monster dying a banal death, reminiscent of the Godfather keeling over while playing tag with his grandchild in a beautiful garden.

Skyler will survive with the baby. The character who has helped Walt disappear will deliver the barrel of money to her in a way that she is able to hide it and use it. Walt gets to leave at least some of his inheritance. Flynn refuses to accept any of the money and there is a final rift between him and his mother when she accepts the money. Marie Schrader receives widow’s benefits from the DEA but she never forgives Skyler and they never reconcile.

Jesse Pinkman and Todd will kill each other in a final violent clash. Todd’s uncle’s and his gang get away with no consequences.

Saul Goodman — and this is the only one I “know” in advance — gets out completely, maybe to Mexico, maybe to Nebraska, and continues lawyering. A friend has told me there is a planned spinoff “Better Call Saul.”

Lydia will get eliminated by her overseas cartel.

Let’s see….



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At the Park


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You say it’s your birthday

Apparently Bowie released a new tune just in honor of my bro-in-law Tom’s birthday, which happens to be the same day as DB’s.

DB’s new tune is haunting, deserves multiple plays, and means the album will be masterful.

Not bad for the 60+ crowd.

But this one’s better at a party. TK: you too are a hero.

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Gang No Style

RT @GordonsPlace: Proud to be among the 6.7 billion who have never watched Gangnam Style

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For them here’s a song

Lyrics | Jethro Tull lyricsFor A Thousand Mothers lyrics

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Meet KaiMeet the new guy who came to live with us yesterday! Kai is adopted through Angel’s Wish after a search over many recent weeks looking for just the right match. He is great with Mocha and Flash and they are alternately curious, making sure they get the attention they’re used to, and sorta bored about the whole thing. Welcome Kai! We are so glad you have come to live with us.


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Happie Holiday!

Happie Holiday!

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