Meet KaiMeet the new guy who came to live with us yesterday! Kai is adopted through Angel’s Wish after a search over many recent weeks looking for just the right match. He is great with Mocha and Flash and they are alternately curious, making sure they get the attention they’re used to, and sorta bored about the whole thing. Welcome Kai! We are so glad you have come to live with us.


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Happie Holiday!

Happie Holiday!

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Who’s More Distinguished?

You be the judge:

The Kramer

The FernandoThe Seth

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Setting up subdomain for summer blog

Summer 2011….

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Tinkering with Tumblr

What an amazing platform!

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Google Chrome screws up again

With their apparent hidden upgrade to 11.0.696.60, Google Chrome rendered two sites I use on a daily basis inoperative. ¬†Worse than that, apparently there is no way to turn off the ‘automatic update’ feature. This is more like ‘auto worsen.’ ¬†Please, stop the improvements!

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Dog Park April 2011

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